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Services We Provide

PTX Services is an asset based "For Hire" local, regional and over the road trucking company based in Plymouth, WI. We also have "mini" terminals in Walkerton, IN, and Gnadenhutten, OH. Our fleet consists of 35 power units and 180 dry van trailers. All of our trailers are 53', air ride equipped with logistics posts. All of them have 110" opening with swing doors.

  • Dedicated Accounts - A large percentage of our accounts are dedicated. To bring consistency to our customers base we try very hard to keep the same drivers going to the same locations. The drivers gain inside knowledge of the consignee's unique expectations and can establish a good working relationship with them. this goes a long way to insure safe and timely deliveries. The drivers also become your customer service representative in the field and bring back valuable information.
  • Multiple drop shipments - Our expertise in this area is unmatched by our competitors. Each week we plan for dozens of loads that have anywhere from 2 to 25 drops on each load, ranging out to 1,500 miles. We contact each consignee for an appointment and/or an estimated time of arrival. On shipments that take more than a day, our drivers are trained to contact and update each consignee of their progress.
  • Truckload shipments - Each load tendered to PTX is scheduled immediately. We will rearrange our schedule as many times as it takes to accommodate your shipments. In the event that the time constraints are too tight to deliver safely, we will tell you that right away. We will then offer alternative solutions.
  • Pooled shipments - Over the years we have saved our customers thousands of dollars by pooling their shipments with other customers. Some large LTL shipments through an LTL carrier can cost you more than if you shipped it truckload. It pays (literally) to check with a truckload carrier for available room.
  • Dropped Trailers - Our trailer to power ratio allows us to drop trailers at our customers. This gives them the flexibility to load or unload when it is convenient for them. It also allows us the opportunity to be more efficient and productive while operating according to hours of service regulations.

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